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At Bayshore Education Center (BEC), we help students attain the knowledge and know-how that they will need to become productive citizens and life long learners. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of at least 100 students from around our community every year, through quality education and meaningful activities and projects.

Our Mission

Founded in 2004, Bayshore Education Center (BEC) is a non-profit organization which provides educational services and support to students of all ages in our community.

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Bayshore Education Center Presents the 3rd Annual Football Skills Camp


3rd Annual Football Skills Camp

Every year we have held a larger football skills camp. This yar is no different. Come and be a part of it.

Our Services

FCAT Tutoring

Vision: See more students excel academically and thrive passing FCAT and pursue higher education. Goal: Provide resources to enhance aptitude and successfully passing all parts of the FCAT.

GED classes for high school drop outs

Vision: Provide a second chance to the community to receive an education and change their lives through better jobs and higher learning opportunities. Goal: Establish a program for drop outs or adults that didn't complete high school complete their degree.

After School and Vacation programs/homework club

Vision: Help low income families find a safe place to keep their children, so that they can do their homework, play, read, and excel academically. Transportation provided. Goal: Provide resources that will enhance students’ education through tutoring and mentoring.

Summer Reading Program and camp

Vision: Inspire transformation of the children in the community: socially, academically, and spiritually. Goal: Keep the students engaged during the summer months by providing a safe environment, promote better reading skills and increase knowledge for FCAT.

Community Education (workshops & seminars)

Vision: To empower and educate the people in the community to be self-sufficient by providing financial, healthcare, and various resources to all families in the community. Goal: Educate community by providing professional workshops the empower planning for a better life.

Homeless and Earthquake victim outreach

Vision: Provide support and assistance to earthquake victims and the homeless people in the community by equipping them with education and resources in order to support their families. Goal: to provide assistance to earthquake victims and homeless so they can find a way to change their lives.

Adult English classes

Vision: Increase understanding and communication skills of non-English speaking individuals in the community. Goal: Provide adults with English reading and writing skills to be self-sufficient to support their families.

Immigration Translation Services

Vision: Provide time and money savings for low income families by providing translation services. Goal: Translate all important documents to the national language from French to English and vice versa.

Support Bayshore Education Center

BEC is a nonprofit organization, and as such all donations to BEC are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To make a contribution you may contact us. We will gladly make arrangements for pick up or drop-off at your earliest convenience.